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Commercial Intercom Systems

Commercial intercom systems can significantly improve communication within an office environment among employees, customers, and guests. Available in both wired and wireless forms, commercial intercom systems can:

  • Allow you to contact employees or customers via a loudspeaker or walkie-talkies
  • Be integrated with access control solutions
  • Provide video monitoring capabilities
  • Help monitor visitor traffic
  • Help monitor traffic in loading docks
  • Interface with other security systems
  • Provide microphone surveillance
  • And more

Home Intercom Systems

Though the benefits of a commercial intercom system may seem a little more obvious, having an intercom system in place at home has its advantages too. Not only does it provide added security but there are other benefits associated with having a home intercom system.

Home intercom systems can:

  • Allow a person inside your home to communicate with someone outside without opening the door or compromising your security
  • Monitor activities in certain rooms (e.g. baby monitoring)
  • Provide video capabilities so you can see activities taking place outside your home or in other rooms of the house
  • Allow communication between persons in different rooms of a house
  • Allow you to control music played throughout the house
  • And more

If you want to integrate your home intercom system with another security solution or want to include other customizable features in your device, please contact us. We’ll discuss your ideas to determine if they’re feasible and provide suggestions that can help you accomplish your security goals within your budget.

Intercom System Options

When you’re trying to choose the right intercom system for your home or business, there are certain factors you should take into account. Consider whether you want:

  • A handset or a hands-free unit​
  • A wired or wireless system
  • Door release buttons
  • An intercom connected to an IP network
  • Video functions

These are just some features you can choose for your intercom system, depending on your security needs. We can also help you decide whether you need an intercom system that provides simplex communications, meaning that it only allows for one way communication, or one with duplex communications that allows communication to occur on both sides.

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